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Making risks and capital flow

Primary insurer | Life Reinsurer

We aim to transfer risk as well as complexity.

Our comprehensive coverage for financial and non-financial risks decreases solvency capital requirements and supports growth.

Assets | Liabilities

We approach ALM in an integrated way.

The composition of our team and bespoke technology reflect the complex interactions between actuarial, financial, accounting and regulatory matters.

Policyholders | Insurance companies

We care about long-term client relationships.

Our coverage is designed to help our clients reach their strategic goals whilst keeping the interests of their policyholders in mind.

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Company information

BalRe Technologies Ltd

11 Pilgrim Street, 4th Floor,

London, EC4V 6RN

United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7842 7680

Directors (Management Board):

Lucian Rautu

Michel Gauer

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